Animal Reiki

Animals respond well to Reiki. Just as in humans, Reiki can be used for all types of illnesses, injuries and emotional problems. Many of the animals treated are also undergoing traditional veterinary care. Reiki sessions promote speedier healing of physical trauma caused by accidents or surgery, remove pain from the animal's body, relieve stress and bring balance. Using Reiki with them can accelerate their healing process, ease pain, improve or help to continue their quality of life. Reiki is often used to energize and revitalize an older animal as well as soothe and calm highly-strung, hyperactive or stressed animals.

Schuey having a Reiki Treatment

During the upsetting time when an animal companion is preparing for transition, a Reiki session brings much peace and freedom from struggle and pain. The animal's human is also greatly supported and can even share in the preparation for transition. The bond between animal and human is respected and even deepened during this difficult time.

Animals enjoy Reiki - the extra attention and feeling of the energy draws them to the Reiki Healer, who sends Reiki via simply patting, stroking or touching the animal. Many pet owners look to take a Reiki workshop themselves for the sole purpose of offering healing support for themselves and their animal companions.

Treatments involving animals rarely last as long as human sessions; they absorb Reiki energy a lot easier than we humans do. Usually, they will not sit still for an entire session - rather they receive Reiki for a few minutes, then wander off, only returning again a few more times for more healing.

Since Reiki can also be sent effectively from a distance, this means it can be used on animals that are skittish or aggressive without distressing them or risking injury to them, their keepers, or the Healer herself.

When treating animals, it is usually best to conduct the healing session in surroundings that they know and feel safe in, so I am available to come to your house as well.