Angels are high and beautiful Beings of Light – Messengers from God – who are ready and willing to help us in every way possible. They only wait to be asked. You can ask the Angels to lighten up any area of your life. They are waiting and longing to help, but under Spiritual Law, as we have free will, they cannot do so unless you ask them to. The moment you ask, they are delighted to assist you and smooth your path whenever possible.


Guardian Angels

We each have our own Guardian Angel who is with us at all times lovingly radiating light and guidance towards us and prompting us to do what is right. Your Guardian Angel will guide you through any challenge and will stand by you holding you in love and compassion and helping to ease the situation. You will always be given help, either directly or indirectly such as being guided to a book with an answer in it, hearing something really helpful on radio or tv or through a friend giving you the right information.

Angels for every area of your life

Along with your Guardian Angel, there are Angels who can help in every area of our lives such as Angels of Healing, Angels of Love, Angels of Peace, Angels of Protection, Angels of your home, your car etc. You can call on these Angels at any time – all you have to do is ask. It is helpful if you take the time to centre yourself first, calm turbulent emotions and breathe in and surround yourself with the colour gold – the colour the Angels vibrate with, making it easier for them to connect with you.

When you ask the Angels to help, a bridge of light is created which allows them to do their work. When enough people do this a very high light frequency is generated which can transform any situation. As more and more people call on the Angels the balance will shift from turmoil to peace and love. We all have a part to play to change things for the better. Together humans and Angels have the power to heal and change the world. As each of us individually experience more joy, love and peace, it has a ripple effect – touching off everyone and everything else around us – giving us the possibility of creating heaven on earth.