Angel Energy Healing


Angel Energy Healing is an integration of Spiritual Healing working with the Angels, Angel Energy Healing and Life Force Energy Healing. Angel Energy Healing is a therapy which is used for healing on the mental, emotional and spiritual levels thus enhancing the physical well being of the client.

Working with the Angels for healing and for guidance is a gentle and yet significant way to improve and empower our lives and Angel cards offer a wonderfully accurate and loving guidance for all aspects of our lives. Energy is channeled from the Angelic Realm, sometimes with the power and energy of a particular Angel or Archangel and always with the help of a host of Angels.

What happens during an Angel Energy Healing Session?

Angel Energy Healing cleanses the aura, releases blockages, and helps give clarity to the future and unhealed issues of the past. It provides a feeling of complete peace. It releases pain, soothes the mind and the body. Angel Energy Healing assists people with their direction and purpose in life. A card reading can also be given to answer or shed light on a particular issue.

An Angel Energy healing session is started by bringing the client into a relaxed but alert state lying on a plinth, in a warm, comfortable environment. Soft lighting, gentle music and essential oils all play a part in making a client comfortable, calm and stress free.

Firstly I will take the client through a short meditation to help with Clearing and Balancing of the 7 main Chakras in the body, with the assistance of the Angels of the Colour Rays.

Then I offer the client a Cutting of the Ties with people, places, situations, behavioral patterns, and addictions, anything that they want to cut out of their lives. We will cut Etheric Cords to remove unhealthy ties to persons, places or things in current and past lives.

I then take the client through a full body healing with Archangel Raphael.

At the end of the healing if the client is looking for guidance with the help of the Angels we consult Angel Oracle Cards for guidance.